Zion (I.J. Rosenblatt)

Looking over the hills as the red sun sets
A beautiful crown for the king of capitals
This day has ended a new one begins
As people fill the streets and crowd the city square

Different colours speaking different languages
Gathered together from all four corners
From the east to the western wall to the
Dance hall and study hall,
Markets, bus stops, line-ups, stand up
‘Cause we…

Won’t see these pictures on the news
Or read them in reports by NGOs
Just walls and blown out cars
Not the music in the bars
The children playing in the streets
Nor the old folks smiling

We no longer weep by Babylon’s rivers
Our guitars no longer hang in the trees
We never forgot thee
My tongue cleaves to nothing
My right arm is strumming can’t you see my right arm strumming

Zion is not a four-letter word x4

“Consolation, consolation my nation”
We shout it from the hills as we dream of home
Alleys and valleys paved with psalms
And songs that we’ve been singing for 3000 years


“Mevaseret Zion” we cry
After double the exile twice the reward
Lectured on justice Hey we invented justice putzes
Screw UN sanctions and cable news pogroms


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