The Bride (I.J. Rosenblatt)

This is the story of the weddings that we play
From Montreal to Philly and places along the way
The hall’s not ready yet, but there’s no time for no regret
Time to play a cocktail set

The groom he stays upstairs
While the bride she does her hair
A guest he needs a chair
The bride her face is white
Beneath the candle light
The groom his shoes are tight

The ceremony has started it’s a solemn affair
‘Till the cousins come tumbling with their bare-feet all up in the air
Their mother sends a gaze with blue eyes that are ablaze
The couple’s in a haze

The order’s final pass
The wine it’s from Alsace
The groom he breaks a glass

The couple show some love
Then they push and now they shove
With shouts of “Mazal Tov!”

We dance around her, around her
Songs of cheer and joy for every girl and boy
Around her, around her
Her face in a magazine, my one day one night beauty queen

The party has started its time to get wild
When the friends hit the circle it’s no doubt their already suitably plied
We open up our set with songs that make the ladies sweat
The guys’ shirts are wet

Mom wears a flower crown
An inappropriate gown
Please turn the music down

Do you know this song
It goes “na na na na na”
Everyone will sing along


Do you know this song?
I hope that you’ll sing along
Grandma’s in a flower sarong
And a thong

Have you seen the three-foot flan?
And the oversized flambé pan
Molten chocolate covered pecan-
Cookies with jam


That was the party half the guests have gone home
We’ve got a contract ‘til eleven, so we play to an empty room
We pack up our gear, and when the stage is clear
The bride decides to reappear

I hate to be a pest
Can you play one last request?
You guys all the best

Can you play “Billie Jean?”
Make sure it really swings
With full orchestral strings


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