Sweet New Year (I.J. Rosenblatt)

The calendar reads September two thousand and ten
Some of us have reached the middle for others it’s the end
We sing here together with the choir in its loft
And the angels in their jury box hear our murmurings below

We watch our children playing there
Some with golden locks or silver hair
And we wonder who’ll be their parents
When we parents are gone
So we sit and we wish, we hope and we pray
We have a happy and sweet new year

We saw so many young men lying in the street
Asking for change or something to eat
Did I give them my time? I can’t seem to recall
It suddenly starts to matter when we’re tallying it all

For the sin of drinking too much beer
Or talking before my thoughts were clear
Or taking oaths or vows I could not keep
For abandonment and late nights out
For all the above we ask for a happy and sweet new year

And it’s
One and one, One and two
There’s always more that we ought to be doing
One and three, One and four
Our words spill like blood on this cold stone floor
And it’s
One and five are what keep us alive
We count One and six One and seven
We count and we pray
On this judgment day we have a happy and sweet new year

A year of wealth and sustenance
Of sun and of rain
A year where no baby dies in its mother’s arms
Where we taste the fruit of our hands
And never feel shame
We have a Happy and Sweet New Year

A Happy and Sweet
A Healthy and Sweet
A Happy Healthy Sweet New Year

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