Soldier Woman (I.J. Rosenblatt)

Soldier woman who can find her
Dressed in deeds and full of splendor
Sharing wisdom doing right
Does she still make bedclothes in the night?

Soldier woman feeds the poor
Clearing snow from the floor
Never has an afterthought
As to what could have been or what could not

She waits for me by the
Door, door, door
I can see the flower in her hair
Strands of gold woven there

She’s beautiful
In purple wool
My soldier woman wastes no time
Waiting to be told that she’s -
In purple wool
Soldier woman’s celebrated
Not praised not thanked – Elevated

Vain is beauty and false is grace
Not when I look at her face
She still does good when I’ve done harm
Really? Is that her charm?

She waits upon the barren sands
With open heart and open hands
Fears nothing but the One above
Her child’s smile is all her love


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