Mind Your Own Business (I.J. Rosenblatt)

Day’s early morning I went walking
Talking to myself
Conversing and consulting with no one around me
Shaking my hands at the skies up above

People begin to gather
Whispering and calling me names
All around me they look at me queerly
Laughing and talking and pushing me squarely
My differences they look at most strangely
I explain to them as they attack
As they tie my hands right behind my back

Well mind your own business I’m conversing with the Lord
I’m searching for direction, yet I’m seeking no reward
I’ve made my pleas I’ve obeyed the commands
I’ve tried to reach out to the ordinary man
If you don’t get out of my way soon
Commandment number six may be my doom
Mind your own business I’m conversing with the lord


I’ve lived inside a shack
Grasped palm without its dates
And I’ve shunned bread for eight days and nights
And I’ve fasted many times

Well ancient and irrelevant I’ve been told
It’s oppression at its best
If this is the way I choose to run my life
Why do I offend with the dress of my wife?
Yet I accept you without strife
Give me that in return
Here’s a lesson for you all to learn


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