Goliath (A. Stotland)

They gathered their camps for war
With the intent of destroying the king
Marching out to the land of the lions
Through the canyon to the top of the mountain
On the other side the tribesmen’s heads held high
Shining armour and a Cloud of glory
Each on a mountainside, was the great divide, in the valley of Eilah

A warrior man came forth
who shadowed down at 6 stories high
Iron clad and a spear in his hand
put his shield down and out he cried
Is there one of you, whose virtue’s true and is able to cut me down
Then I will serve for you and my people too,
But no one even dared


Down the mountainside came the nation’s pride
With a giant stride and an iron hide
But he did not know of this young fair beau and his pocket full of stones
That would take him down even without a crown of his own

The king would not agree
To send the boy to fight all alone
So he suited him with golden apparel
A coat of steel and a heartfelt farewell
The boy he could not go to confront his foe
With the weight of ore holding him down
To the king he pleads I have not tested these
And he put them on the ground


I will leave you in this field said the enemies’ champion
For the beasts to feast upon your bones
But what he failed to see was the boy’s name of majesty
For he was one of Judah’s sons, Jesse’s youngest one


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