Farbreng (I.J. Rosenblatt)

It was conspicuous consumption of scotch and beer that led me here to you my dear
But it was salted fish and sweetened wine that brought me back time after time.
My body’s wracked by the noise of joy as I sing the songs of the older boys
Odd time classics from Dnepropetrovsk and melodies from a higher source

I’d drink with you all day and all night
All day and all night
All day and all night
I’d drink with you all day and night
But I really should wait until noon

Old Moe and Dave are at it again over who’s gonna pour me another “Glen”
Stories of the old time are passed around last souvenirs from a forgotten town
Dave tells a one about his family and Moe sheds a tear in memory
This repeats itself until the Glen is gone and Dave breaks into another song.


Rebuke and rebuttal we passed around a chance to reach a higher ground
Good natured teasing, tales in jest, who spilled Smirnoff on my vest
If we opened up our hearts I guess the rest of the week we’d feel less stress
Good food, good drink and family is hell-of-a lot cheaper than therapy


I walk home through my neighborhood
The sun shining it’s a brand new day
I hear the gang shout
“There’s no last call. There’s no last call. There’s no last call”


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