Replete with catchy hooks, massive horns, crunchy guitar and above all well crafted songs, Jump Babylon, blends ska, roots and rock to provide a concert experience that is infectious danceable fun. Jump Babylon was founded in 2011 by members of Shtreiml (http://www.shtreiml.com), Montreal’s veterans of the New Jewish Music scene and pioneers of bringing scorching klezmer to bars, festivals, weddings and concert halls across North America and Europe. Jump Babylon borrows from the frenetic Jewish wedding band energy of Shtreiml and delivers a tight yet unrelenting set of music influenced by the sounds of The Smiths, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Teapecks, Bob Marley and even Neil Young.  Fronted by the soulful vocals and searing guitar work of Adam Stotland along with the blazing keys and harmonica of songwriter Jason Rosenblatt, the group’s members have many years of performance experience having played hundreds of clubs, concerts, weddings and festivals including the Winnipeg Folk Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Lunenbourg Folk Harbour Festival, The North Country Music Festival, The Crakow Jewish Culture Festival, The Vienna Klezmore Festival and many many more.

Jump Babylon features: Adam Stotland (guitar, vocals), Jason Rosenblatt (keys, harmonica, vocals), Rachel Lemisch (trombone), James Rhodes (trumpet), Andrew Skowronski (sax) Thierry Arsenault (drums) and Joel Kerr (bass)


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